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In April 2019, the Cristo Rey Network was recognized as a recipient of the 2019 Lead. Learn. Proclaim. Award by the National Catholic Educational Association for successfully advancing the Catholic tradition of educational excellence and individual formation in underserved communities. Notable results include:

Academic Impact: Our schools consistently achieve test growth in line with high-performing peer charter networks.

Workplace Impact: In the 2019-2020 school year, Cristo Rey students were positioned to earn $80 million through the Corporate Work Study Program to make their own education possible. 86% of jobs were retained from the previous school year.

College Acceptance and Enrollment: Year-over-year, 100% of the schools’ senior class is accepted into college. According to third-party National Student Clearinghouse data, 88% of Cristo Rey students enroll in postsecondary education (70% into four-year college and 18% in two-year), compared to 75% for high-income population and 51% overall enrollment for low-income population.

Postsecondary Completion: Cristo Rey graduates are more than twice as likely to complete a bachelor's degree by age 24, compared to the total U.S. low-income population. While our aspirational goal is that 70% of Cristo Rey graduates complete four-year degrees, we are making progress towards them earning college degrees at national rates (62%) comparable to students from families in the highest income quartile. For the Class of 2014, 36% of Cristo Rey students completed a four-year degree. Current enrollment and persistence data for the Class of 2017 projects a bachelor's degree completion rate of 50%.

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